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Week 14 is in the books and although last nights game didn’t turn out like I thought it would my picks were fantastic overall.    I accurately predicted the  the Saints, Eagles, Texans, Chargers, Packers, Jets, Vikings, Colts, Ravens, Dolphins, and even picked Carolina to cover against New England.  Not too shabby.   The games I missed were Pittsburgh (who on earth didnt?), I thought the Rams could cover and of course, Kansas City’s home loss to Buffalo which still baffles me.  What a joke!

Week 15 is the beginning of playoffs for lots of Yahoo Fantasy Football leagues.  My 3 teams finished 1st, 2nd, and 2nd and there are no byes so it’s going to be a busy week.  I do intend on making some changes in the Defense and Kicking games but I’m going to stay with the players that got me this far.  I’ve consistently played Cassell over Orton to no avail but I’m not changing.  The Chiefs play Cleveland and Matt has to have  a big game after this weeks 4 interception performance. 

Check back this week for fantasy playoff commentary!



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Well I got destroyed last week but I’m brushing it off as a fluke.  It only means I ‘ve got to came back this week and step my game up.  NOT A PROBLEM.  I’m going to bounce back with great vengeance and furious anger. 

**Lines courtesy of www.Footballlocks.com

I’ve got to be short and sweet this week I’m pressed for time.  I seem to make better picks that way, anyway. 

Denver At Indianapolis (-7), 44.  Denver looked impressive in a big win over KC last week but that doesn’t roll over to this weeks matchup.  Look for the Colts to run the ball effectively against the Broncos.  I like the Colts to cover.

Cincinnatti at Minnesota(-6.5), 43.5.  I like Minnesota to win by a field goal.  This should be an excellent, close game.  I like the over as well.

NY Jets (-3) at Tampa Bay, 37.  With Sanchez out the Jets rely on a heavy dose of running.  What’s new?  Not much.  Jets win 24-10.

Buffalo at Kansas City, Pick ’em, 37.5.  Kansas City needs this win at home really badly.  I like Jamaal Charles to score 2 touchdowns for the 3rd time in 4 games.  Cassell throws for two as well.  CHIEFS, BABY!

Green Bay (-3) at Chicago, Packers by a dozen.

NO (-10) at Atlanta.   I like NO NO to win but not cover.

Detroit at Baltimore(-5), 37.5.  Baltimore has to win this game to stay in the playoff picture.  Couple that with the fact that the Lions are horrible on the road and you get the picture.  Under,  under.

Miami at Jacksonville (-2.5), 44.  Take the points and run Miami is hard to figure out on a weekly basis but I think they’re starting to figure some things out. Miami wins a close game 24-20.

Carolina at New England (-13), 44.  I’m taking the points on this game too.  I think Carolina has what it takes to make it close.

Seattle at Houston (-6.5), 44.5.  I don’t like Seattle and this week is no different.  I chose the Texans to make the playoffs back in September they’ve really got to step it up for that to happen.

St. Louis at Tennessee (-13), 41.5.  Again, the theme this week is go with the big underdogs and take the points.  I think this game will be closer than most people assume.

Wash (-1) at Oakland, 37.5.  I’m taking Oakland to win at home they’re not playing horribly on offense any more.

San Diego at Dallas (-3), 48.5.  Toughest game to call all week maybe.  I think the Chargers are too much for the cowboys defense.  Chargers win 31-21.

Philly at Giants (-1), 44.5.  Eagles prove they are the dominant team in the division with a big win in Giants stadium.  This is the matchup of the week, hands down.  Final score, Eagles 41, Giants 27.

Arizona (-3.5) at S.F, 44.5.  I like the Cardinals who are showing why they made it to the super bowl last year.  Cards win a defensive battle 19-17.


* = Last available line. Currently off due to Monday night play. Number may differ when game back on. –><!–

† = Currently off due to an injury situation. Line displayed is average of whether injured player sits out or plays. Number likely to be higher or lower based on player’s final availability. –> 


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It’s kind of a boring week of games if you ask me.  Philly at Atlanta is my favorite matchup of the week.  Here is what you’ve all been waiting for:

NY Jets(-3) vs. Buffalo (at Toronto), 37.  I guess they’re playing this game north of the border what a frickin’ joke, huh?  I think that this one is a toss-up I’m gonna take the points and go with Buffalo.

Denver (-4.5) at Kansas City, 38. OVER OVER OVER.  TAKE THE OVER.  Jamaal Charles is a beast and he’s going to score twice again this week.  Orton will be sacked at least 3 times and I’m thinking that his bum ankle is going to be tested to the max.  The Chiefs are NOTORIOUS for hurting opposing QB’s.   Ask the Steelers and Patriots who both have lost starting QB’s in games at Arrowhead. 

Oakland At Pittsburgh(-14.5), 37.  Pittsburgh is not going to lose this game at home.  If they do, their season is OVER.  Take the Steelers to cover the spread, under is a pretty good bet as well.

Houston at Jacksonville(Pick ’em), 46.5.  I like Jacksonville at home, take the over because both of these teams can score. 

Tennessee at Indianapolis (-6.5), 47.  I saw a couple of the “Experts” on yahoo sports picking Tennessee to upset the Colts at home which is absolutely rediculous.   Anybody who bets against Peyton Manning at home is a moron.  Colts by 3 touchdowns. 

Philadelphia(-5.5) at Atlanta, 44.  GAME OF THE WEEK.  Yup, this is the game I want to watch.  Atlanta’s got some key injuries and the Eagles are without Westbrook and DeSean Jackson.   Still, I like the Eagles to win a close game.  I don’t like the line and I don’t like the over/under so I’m not betting on this one!

Detroit at Cincinnatti (-13), 42.  It doesn’t matter if Cedric Benson plays in this game or not.  Palmer passes for 4 TD’s, 3 of which are hauled in by Ochocinco.  Betting on the Bengals this week is like taking candy from a baby.   This is too easy.

New Orleans (-9.5) at Washington, 47.5.  Do you and your family a big favor and bet your life savings on New Orleans.  If that’s too risky for you then bet half.  I’m kidding, but seriously this isn’t even a game why are we talking about it still?

Tampa Bay at Carolina (-6), 40.  UPSET ALERT!  I just heard that DeAngelo Williams is not going to play and Delhomme is hurting too.  I’m taking the underdog and the points because this is an upset waiting to happen. 

UPDATE: I just read that D. Williams is a “game-time” decision which has been the case for the last month at least.  I expect him to play but I’m not sure how many touches he might have.  You need to check his status before gametime on sunday morning and adjust your roster accordingly.

St. Louis at Chicago (-9), 41.  Chicago really has to win this game.  The field conditions will dictate the outcome I don’t think a horrible turf team would have a chance outside in the freezing cold or snow.  So look at the forecast before you place your bets.  The colder the better for the Bears this week. 

San Francisco at Seattle, (Pick ’em), 41.5.  I love pick ’em games, don’t you?  Seattle’s GM just stepped down which means the front office is in some state of change which could translate onto the field for the Seahawks.  I think the Niners are getting poised for a late run at the playoffs and Frank Gore has to have a big game for them to win.  Isn’t that always the case with them? 

Minnesota (-3.5) at Arizona, 48.  This is an interesting matchup and could be a great game.  I’ve read a lot about the Vikings passing game and that it could expose the Cardinals defense.  I don’t quite agree with that but I still like the Vikings to win a close one.

Dallas (-2.5) at NY Giants, 45.5.  Take the points and take the home team, duh. 

New England (-4) at Miami, 45.  New England is going to take out their recent frustrations on the Dolphins.  31-17 Patriots.

Baltimore at Green Bay(-3), 43.5.  I like the Pack by at least 10 on this one.  Green Bay is the best passing team in the NFL and Baltimore has a great defense but home field advantage is big in this one.

The Sickest Team Ever

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The name speaks for itself doesn’t it?  This is the name for one of my Fantasy Football Teams this year, and rightfully so.  This team is currently sitting alone in first place and is the only team to have clinched a playoff berth thus far.  At one point in the year this team won 7 weeks in a row.  Also, this team has never lost two weeks in a row.  My running backs are off the chain and I’m solid at every other position.  I will say that if I had to pick a weakness it would be my wide receivers.  Please let me know what you think!  The (x) notes who I am starting this week.

QB: Carson Palmer(x), Matt Ryan

WR:Brandon Marshall(x), T.O.(x), R. Meachem(x), D. Bowe and B. Edwards.

RB: (this is where it gets tough) J. Charles(x), T.Jones(x), F. Gore, and S. Jackson on my bench this week because both are playing away games.

TE: Tony Gonzalez(x) and John Carlson who is a major let-down to this point.

K John Carney

Def: Pittsburgh

I’m going to hit the waiver wire and get rd of B. Edwards.

How’d you do in Week 12? Not as good as me.

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I think I’m starting off really well on my predictions.  I’m even starting to believe in myself so watch out.  Yes I missed a few games badly but I also made accurate predictions on many others so I feel redeemed and then some. 

All 3 of my fantasy teams won by nearly 10 points for the 4th time this year.  My teams are sitting in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and have clinched playoff spots in 2 of those leagues.  Weeks 15 and 16 are the final-four style playoffs in all leagues.  

Jamaal Charles was definately a good call this week scoring upwards of 18 points in both leagues that I played him in.  He should’ve had more.  The fumble in the red zone was a killer, though.  Cassell had a poor performance like commentor “Jeremy” predicted much to my dismay.  The Eagles Defense was very suspect, AGAIN!  DAMN IT!  I’m going to mine the waiver wire for a flex pickup this week because Philly’s playing explosive Atlanta.  I just read Atlanta’s QB Matt Ryan will not play because of a “turf toe” issue.   

Again, I have to tell you that I will always pick the Chiefs to win.  NO MATTER WHAT.   Please keep that in mind.  Also last week I accurately predicted the Broncos win over the Giants perfectly, as well as the spanking of the Patriots last night.  On Thanksgiving Day I was 2 out of 3 which is a great performance by me to say the least.   I really thought the Cowboys / Raiders game would’ve been closer. 

This week I intend to detail my other 2 teams for you as well. I’m going to try and bring new content every day this week.   I’ve got a few HOT picks including several upsets for this weekend you don’t want to miss!

Rate my Fantasy Teams

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I missed the draft this year in all 3 of my league’s so I ended up with autodraft teams.  With dedication and persistence I have been able to turn all 3 teams into winners.  My strategy is simple:  HIT THE WAIVER WIRE EARLY AND OFTEN.  You could argue that the autodraft team gave me better odds but that would mean everybody else is a bunch of idiots.  No matter how good you are doing in the first 5 weeks of the season you’ve got to monitor every available player and make your team better even if you’re just upgrading your bench.  MATCHUPS aren’t everything but they do count for a lot.  I never make my sit/start decisions based on weekly Matchups alone.  Streaks and statistics are meant to be broken and challenged in every way.  Never say never in the NFL.  Nobody gave Kansas City a shot last week besides myself and about a million Chiefs fans but the writing has been on the wall for weeks.  True?  Very.  Here are my teams please let me know what you think.

MASTERMINDS: (7-4)  Currently in a 4 way tie for first place but I’m in 4th on the overall points.  This league is still wide open with 3 weeks until playoffs there are 8 teams all within 2 games out.  I started out losing the first 2 games but I’ve battled back for a share of the lead.   I have trouble deciding who to sit/start on this team because  of depth at QB and RB.  Don’t be jealous.

Here is my team, this weeks starters noted by (x).


A. Rodgers (X), B. Favre, M. Ryan


Mike Sims-Walker(x), Andre Johnson(x), Steve Smith NYG(x), Sidney Rice, Mike Wallace


Rashard Mendenhall(x), Jamaal Charles (x), Pierre Thomas, Cedric Benson

TE: Dallas Clark (x) no need for anyone else really

K: Ryan Succop (x) rookie from the Chiefs who is a stud

DEF: New Orleans

I’m not sure that team has a weakness.






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YO YO YO!  I’m back for week 12 so listen up!  This week definately has some good games but it’s all about the Monday Night matchup.  There is definately some money to be made here.  Let me know what you think!

*All betting lines courtesy of footballlocks.com

Green Bay (-11) at Detroit, 47.5.  I like Green Bay by a landslide in this one.  Detroit is without Stafford and C. Johnson this is  a no-brainer.   Green Bay wins 33-14.

Oakland at Dallas (-13.5), 40.5.  I like Oakland to make this a close game although they may not win it will definately be a close one.  Final score 20-14 Cowgirls.

NY Giants (-7) at Denver, 42.  Denver needs this win very badly at home.  I think that Denver regains their composure and wins this one.  I think Eli is overrated.  Sorry, but I do.  Final score 27-17, Broncos.

Indianapolis (-3.5) at Houston, 48.5.  The first game between these two teams was really close but the buck stops there.  Look for a blowout in this one I think the Colts are too much for the Houston D.  Colts defense is underrated too.  Indy 33, Houston 17.

Cleveland at Cincinatti (-14), 38.5.  Cincinatti all day.  Look for the Ocho in the end zone not once but twice.  Cincy bounces back from embarrasing loss to the Raiders. 38-13.

Chicago at Minnesota (-11), 46.5.  I like the Vikes to cruise in this one.  2 touchdowns by AP this week for sure.  28-10, Vikings.

Washington at Philadelphia (-9), 41.  I need the Eagles to start playing like they were in the beginning of the year.  Westbrook still questionable which hurts this team.  However, the Redskins may be the worst coached and managed team in the NFL.  GO EAGLES, 34-10.

Miami (-3) at Buffalo, 39.5.  I like Miami on the road but this one will be close.  I like the under, though.

Arizona at Tennessee (-2.5), 46.5.  I think this is going to be a real good game to watch.  I like Tennessee at home, though.  Warner’s just not the same as he was last year.

Seattle (-3) at St. Louis, 42.5.  St. L is without Bulger so look for the Seahawks to go for the jugular early in the game.  Seattle wins easily 23-3.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta (-12), 46.  Take the under and take the Falcons.  I think that Matty Ice gets on track for 2 touchdowns and the Falcons Defense holds Tampa Bay to almost nothing.  It’s going to be a long long season for them.  final score, Atlanta 33, Tampa Bay 13.

Carolina at NY Jets (-3), 41.5.  I like Carolina to pull a bit of an upset on the road.  The NY Jets passing game is suspect in my opinion and they’re not going to stop DeAngelo Williams and J. Stewart.  Carolina wins with a last second score, 27-24. 

Jacksonville at San Francisco (-3), 41.5.  I like Jacksonville to eat SF’s lunch in this contest.  Niners are a slow starting team and you just can’t do that against a team like Jacksonville that is explosive.  I like the Jags to win 23-14.  Under.


Pittsburgh at Baltimore (-2.5), 39.5.  The Chiefs crushed the Steelers spirit and hurt both their quarterbacks in the process.   I think the Ravens come out swinging and don’t look back.  I like Baltimore to win 21-17 but I think the best bet here is on the UNDER.

New England at New Orleans(-3), 56.  This game is going to be fantastic but I don’t see the scoring this high.  I like NONO to win it by more than 3 but the Patriots are playing tough with a chip on their shoulders because of coach B.’s blunder 2 weeks ago.  NONO-under.  Take that one to the bank.