Week 10 NFL Predictions – Part 2 of 2

Atlanta (-1.5) at Carolina, 43.5.  I think this is going to be a great game.  Look for the 1-2 punch of Williams and Stewart to run for close to 200 yards, AGAIN.  The combo will hit paydirt at least twice this week maybe more.  Atlanta’s Matt Ryan starting to look less impressive, especially on the road.  His number one target Rodney White is nursing a sore knee.  Carolina wins 28 -21, take the over. 

Tampa Bay at Miami (-10), 43.  Tampa Bay is fresh off it’s first win of the season and the first start for Rookie QB Josh Freeman.  The cinderella story ends before it begins.  I like the fins to win it and I see the Bucs defense getting rocked by the wildcat.  Miami bounces back from last weeks loss for a 27-10 win. 

Kansas City at Oakland (-2), 36.5, THE FUTILITY BOWL is what they’re calling it.  I take offense, but who cares?  Anyway, KC’s offense will finally get on track this week.  I like the new RB combo of Kolby Smith and Jamaal Charles to run all over the silver and black hack-attack.  Kansas City wins big 42 – 3.  Honestly, I think we’ll see scoring from both sides.  Bet the over.

Seattle at Arizona(-8.5), 47, Hasselbeck is overrated and nursing a bruised shoulder I think.  Stay away from him in your fantasy leagues he’s gonna tank sooner or later.  I like Arizona with or without Boldin, they don’t need him in this one.  All Arizona all day.  27-6.

Philadelphia at San Diego (-2), 47.  Philly is my bread and butter.  Their defense has propelled me to great heights this year but they’re starting to show signs of breaking.  Weakness at LB position makes them vulnerable against the Chargers offense.  McNabb has had a couple of poor performances I’m looking for him to bounce back.  This will be one of the best games this week.  If Westbrook plays w/ at least 15 touches the Eagles will win.  He’s the key.  Eagles 27, Chargers 20

Dallas (-3) at Green Bay, 47.5, Dallas is favored in Green Bay.  Perfect time for an implosion but I don’t see it happening this week.  I like the cowgirls to win a real sloppy game 24-14. 

New England at Indianapolis (-3) , 50.  I like the Patriots on this one.  Without Bob Sanders the Indy D is questionable.  Game of the week for sure.  I’d like to see as little scoring as possible as I’m facing Tom Brady in my fantasy league.  Patriots win 34-27.

Baltimore (-10.5) at Cleveland, 40.5.  Is there any doubt that Cleveland is horrible and has no hope for the immediate future?  Not in my mind.  I see the Ravens winning big whether or not the Browns fans are sitting in their seats.  You know what I’m talking about.  Browns lose 38-10 on Monday Night Football.




3 Responses to “Week 10 NFL Predictions – Part 2 of 2”

  1. You’re wrong about Oakland and Seattle…both will win

  2. Cool shit though Jung Guns

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