Rate my Fantasy Teams

I missed the draft this year in all 3 of my league’s so I ended up with autodraft teams.  With dedication and persistence I have been able to turn all 3 teams into winners.  My strategy is simple:  HIT THE WAIVER WIRE EARLY AND OFTEN.  You could argue that the autodraft team gave me better odds but that would mean everybody else is a bunch of idiots.  No matter how good you are doing in the first 5 weeks of the season you’ve got to monitor every available player and make your team better even if you’re just upgrading your bench.  MATCHUPS aren’t everything but they do count for a lot.  I never make my sit/start decisions based on weekly Matchups alone.  Streaks and statistics are meant to be broken and challenged in every way.  Never say never in the NFL.  Nobody gave Kansas City a shot last week besides myself and about a million Chiefs fans but the writing has been on the wall for weeks.  True?  Very.  Here are my teams please let me know what you think.

MASTERMINDS: (7-4)  Currently in a 4 way tie for first place but I’m in 4th on the overall points.  This league is still wide open with 3 weeks until playoffs there are 8 teams all within 2 games out.  I started out losing the first 2 games but I’ve battled back for a share of the lead.   I have trouble deciding who to sit/start on this team because  of depth at QB and RB.  Don’t be jealous.

Here is my team, this weeks starters noted by (x).


A. Rodgers (X), B. Favre, M. Ryan


Mike Sims-Walker(x), Andre Johnson(x), Steve Smith NYG(x), Sidney Rice, Mike Wallace


Rashard Mendenhall(x), Jamaal Charles (x), Pierre Thomas, Cedric Benson

TE: Dallas Clark (x) no need for anyone else really

K: Ryan Succop (x) rookie from the Chiefs who is a stud

DEF: New Orleans

I’m not sure that team has a weakness.






2 Responses to “Rate my Fantasy Teams”

  1. your stupid Says:

    this team has no weakness what are you kidding me you have no _____ running back how do you not see that

    • Dear “your stupid”:

      Thanks for taking the time to leave such an insightful comment. Unfortunately, you have been proven wrong in your assessments by the play of Jamaal Charles who scored twice and Pierre Thomas who also had a good week. Mendenhall played well although he didn’t score. Better luck next time, HATER.

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