How’d you do in Week 12? Not as good as me.

I think I’m starting off really well on my predictions.  I’m even starting to believe in myself so watch out.  Yes I missed a few games badly but I also made accurate predictions on many others so I feel redeemed and then some. 

All 3 of my fantasy teams won by nearly 10 points for the 4th time this year.  My teams are sitting in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and have clinched playoff spots in 2 of those leagues.  Weeks 15 and 16 are the final-four style playoffs in all leagues.  

Jamaal Charles was definately a good call this week scoring upwards of 18 points in both leagues that I played him in.  He should’ve had more.  The fumble in the red zone was a killer, though.  Cassell had a poor performance like commentor “Jeremy” predicted much to my dismay.  The Eagles Defense was very suspect, AGAIN!  DAMN IT!  I’m going to mine the waiver wire for a flex pickup this week because Philly’s playing explosive Atlanta.  I just read Atlanta’s QB Matt Ryan will not play because of a “turf toe” issue.   

Again, I have to tell you that I will always pick the Chiefs to win.  NO MATTER WHAT.   Please keep that in mind.  Also last week I accurately predicted the Broncos win over the Giants perfectly, as well as the spanking of the Patriots last night.  On Thanksgiving Day I was 2 out of 3 which is a great performance by me to say the least.   I really thought the Cowboys / Raiders game would’ve been closer. 

This week I intend to detail my other 2 teams for you as well. I’m going to try and bring new content every day this week.   I’ve got a few HOT picks including several upsets for this weekend you don’t want to miss!


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