The Sickest Team Ever

The name speaks for itself doesn’t it?  This is the name for one of my Fantasy Football Teams this year, and rightfully so.  This team is currently sitting alone in first place and is the only team to have clinched a playoff berth thus far.  At one point in the year this team won 7 weeks in a row.  Also, this team has never lost two weeks in a row.  My running backs are off the chain and I’m solid at every other position.  I will say that if I had to pick a weakness it would be my wide receivers.  Please let me know what you think!  The (x) notes who I am starting this week.

QB: Carson Palmer(x), Matt Ryan

WR:Brandon Marshall(x), T.O.(x), R. Meachem(x), D. Bowe and B. Edwards.

RB: (this is where it gets tough) J. Charles(x), T.Jones(x), F. Gore, and S. Jackson on my bench this week because both are playing away games.

TE: Tony Gonzalez(x) and John Carlson who is a major let-down to this point.

K John Carney

Def: Pittsburgh

I’m going to hit the waiver wire and get rd of B. Edwards.


3 Responses to “The Sickest Team Ever”

  1. You’re crazy to sit Gore and Jackson if they’re both healthy. For what? Charles? Seriously??? Felix Jones? He’s a third stringer. C’mon man, what are you thinking?

    I’m with you on Carlson though. I’ve had him all year. The only reason I keep him is b/c their’s nobody better on waivers.

    • Bro, I know that it sounds silly but I just don’t see Gore or S.J. doing much on the road this week. Charles has had 2 touchdowns in each of the last 2 weeks so I’ve got to ride that wave where it takes me. Honestly, I may have to reconsider this decision. Good looking out.

    • Hey Jeremy you read my post wrong it’s Thomas Jones of the Jets not stinkin’ Felix Jones.

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