It’s kind of a boring week of games if you ask me.  Philly at Atlanta is my favorite matchup of the week.  Here is what you’ve all been waiting for:

NY Jets(-3) vs. Buffalo (at Toronto), 37.  I guess they’re playing this game north of the border what a frickin’ joke, huh?  I think that this one is a toss-up I’m gonna take the points and go with Buffalo.

Denver (-4.5) at Kansas City, 38. OVER OVER OVER.  TAKE THE OVER.  Jamaal Charles is a beast and he’s going to score twice again this week.  Orton will be sacked at least 3 times and I’m thinking that his bum ankle is going to be tested to the max.  The Chiefs are NOTORIOUS for hurting opposing QB’s.   Ask the Steelers and Patriots who both have lost starting QB’s in games at Arrowhead. 

Oakland At Pittsburgh(-14.5), 37.  Pittsburgh is not going to lose this game at home.  If they do, their season is OVER.  Take the Steelers to cover the spread, under is a pretty good bet as well.

Houston at Jacksonville(Pick ’em), 46.5.  I like Jacksonville at home, take the over because both of these teams can score. 

Tennessee at Indianapolis (-6.5), 47.  I saw a couple of the “Experts” on yahoo sports picking Tennessee to upset the Colts at home which is absolutely rediculous.   Anybody who bets against Peyton Manning at home is a moron.  Colts by 3 touchdowns. 

Philadelphia(-5.5) at Atlanta, 44.  GAME OF THE WEEK.  Yup, this is the game I want to watch.  Atlanta’s got some key injuries and the Eagles are without Westbrook and DeSean Jackson.   Still, I like the Eagles to win a close game.  I don’t like the line and I don’t like the over/under so I’m not betting on this one!

Detroit at Cincinnatti (-13), 42.  It doesn’t matter if Cedric Benson plays in this game or not.  Palmer passes for 4 TD’s, 3 of which are hauled in by Ochocinco.  Betting on the Bengals this week is like taking candy from a baby.   This is too easy.

New Orleans (-9.5) at Washington, 47.5.  Do you and your family a big favor and bet your life savings on New Orleans.  If that’s too risky for you then bet half.  I’m kidding, but seriously this isn’t even a game why are we talking about it still?

Tampa Bay at Carolina (-6), 40.  UPSET ALERT!  I just heard that DeAngelo Williams is not going to play and Delhomme is hurting too.  I’m taking the underdog and the points because this is an upset waiting to happen. 

UPDATE: I just read that D. Williams is a “game-time” decision which has been the case for the last month at least.  I expect him to play but I’m not sure how many touches he might have.  You need to check his status before gametime on sunday morning and adjust your roster accordingly.

St. Louis at Chicago (-9), 41.  Chicago really has to win this game.  The field conditions will dictate the outcome I don’t think a horrible turf team would have a chance outside in the freezing cold or snow.  So look at the forecast before you place your bets.  The colder the better for the Bears this week. 

San Francisco at Seattle, (Pick ’em), 41.5.  I love pick ’em games, don’t you?  Seattle’s GM just stepped down which means the front office is in some state of change which could translate onto the field for the Seahawks.  I think the Niners are getting poised for a late run at the playoffs and Frank Gore has to have a big game for them to win.  Isn’t that always the case with them? 

Minnesota (-3.5) at Arizona, 48.  This is an interesting matchup and could be a great game.  I’ve read a lot about the Vikings passing game and that it could expose the Cardinals defense.  I don’t quite agree with that but I still like the Vikings to win a close one.

Dallas (-2.5) at NY Giants, 45.5.  Take the points and take the home team, duh. 

New England (-4) at Miami, 45.  New England is going to take out their recent frustrations on the Dolphins.  31-17 Patriots.

Baltimore at Green Bay(-3), 43.5.  I like the Pack by at least 10 on this one.  Green Bay is the best passing team in the NFL and Baltimore has a great defense but home field advantage is big in this one.


One Response to “WEEK 13 NFL PREDICTIONS”

  1. Dude, you gotta stop thinking Jamaal Charles is going to score 2 touchdowns every game. He won’t score 2 touchdowns in the same game EVER again in his career.

    Carson Palmer WILL NOT score 4 TD’s. In case you haven’t noticed, Cincy is a running team now.

    Minnesota will cover easily, the New Orleans/Washington game will be closer than you think and Oakland will cover the spread.

    You’re right about the Niners though. I think they’re gonna take the NFC West!

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