About Me

I created this blog because I truly feel the need to share my insight with others.  I have an addiction to college and professional sports that seems to be growing as I’ve gotten older.  I’ve been playing fantasy football, baseball, hockey and basketball off and on for over ten years. 

I enjoy being a father more than anything.  My soon to be step-sons Chase and Tyler are 3 and 13 years old respectively.  They are rowdy to say the least.   My daughter Lilyann is one year old and easily the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen or made in my entire life.  My fiance’s name is Nicole – she stays at home and raises the children while I sit at the office on my butt all day long.  Honestly, I wouldn’t want to take her job if it payed double what mine does.  She’s quite simply; The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me.


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